Simple Mustache Wax

Introduction: Simple Mustache Wax

this is really easy home project for people who want to start being hipsters, or just get that mustache out of your food/partners lips

you will need

  • coconut oil/butter.

  • white pure beeswax. i use this

  • some type of metal or glass container (i use a mason jar)
  • a pot
  • a stove

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Step 1: Heat Up the Coconut Oil

i'm sorry for not showing the heating process, but its rather simple

get a pot that you do not intend to ever eat from again, but that is clean.

we are looking for aproximately 1:1 mixture. that means if you want to have two tablespoons of mustache wax, you need 1 tbs of coconut oil. if you want it to keep your 'stache up a bit longer, ad a little more wax in the next step.

put the pot on low heat

add 1tbs of coconut oil, stir until liquidy, if not already.

Step 2: Add Wax

add the beeswax into the mixture a few pellets/small chunks at a time, keep stiring to make sure the wax dissolves in the coconut oil

Step 3: Pour Into Container

be careful, this stuff can burn you at this point, and unlike water, will not immediately evaporate, but rather stick to your skin.

pour into the jar or small container very slowly

then continue slowly stirring it until it starts to get 'chunky' and slightly hard to stir

Step 4: Place in Freezer

put the wax in the freezer to make sure the oil doesn't separate from the wax.

it should be cold enough after an hour

Step 5: Scrape a Little Out, and Curl That Stache!

scrape out a little, like a pea sized portion, and apply to your stache!

get your Dali thing on!

store in room temperature enviroment

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    1 year ago

    Thanks for the recipe!