Simple My Little Pony Derpy Costume!




Introduction: Simple My Little Pony Derpy Costume!

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Simple My Little Pony Derpy Costume!

Derpy...or Muffins...or Derpy Hooves!
She is cute and silly!

She has become one of the most loveable background ponies on My Little Pony.

She even has a cameo appearance in Equestria Girls!

What's not to love with her funny crossed eyes?!

Step 1: Tangent Story

Sidetrack story:
When my daughter was an baby she would often cross her eyes.

All growing up she would stare off into the distance with her eyes crossed.

Many people thought there might be something wrong with her...

but really, from day one, she just like making people laugh!

Adorable, right?!

Step 2: Supplies

She's still got it!

Okay, here's what you will need to make your wings and ears.
2 large Gray foam sheets (12 by 18") (or whatever color your Pegasus Pony is)

popsicle sticks

1 yard of 1/4" elastic (I use 2 18-inch pieces)

metal headband

hot glue gun

Step 3: Wings!

Begin by drawing out your wings on paper.

Then cut them out of the fun foam.

There is 2 sizes you will need.
You will need 2 large wing pieces (the size of 1 sheet of paper),

4 small wing pieces (the size of half a sheet of paper),

a little leftover strip

and 2 little pony ears.

Step 4: Wing Assembly

Start by taking the 2 large wings and snipping the center pieces flat.

Put the flat parts together.

Carefully run 3 lines of hot glue across the wings.

And press on 3 popsicle sticks.
Be careful! I suggest only using the tip of your fingernail...or scissors.

Next hot glue on the strip of foam to cover the sticks.

Step 5: Smaller Wing Assembly

Now...the smaller wings.
2 will face one direction and 2 will face the opposite direction.

Keep this in mind and glue 3 sticks on the backside of each wing.

Now we are ready to glue down 2.

Run some hot glue around all the edges and across the sticks.

Press onto the wings, centering them and overlapping them
on that popsicle stick foam covered center.

(this is a ONE-TIME shot only. Once it's glued it will tear...not come off)

Repeat for the other side...using the opposite wing.
This makes the top or inside of your wings...the part touching your body.

Step 6: Adding Elastic

Now it needs holes.
I put my wings on top of a scrap 2 by 4 and use my drill to make 4 holes.

Just big enough for elastic to fit through.

I use a tiny safety pin on the end of the elastic as a needle.
My elastic is 18 inches and fits an adult sized person...

but also my 6 year experiment a little.

Thread it from the backside to the top and then back to the backside.

Leave a large enough loop for the arms to fit through

and tie it off on the backside.

Repeat for the other side.

Now you have 2 tied off pieces on the back...

Step 7: Back Wings!

Get those last 2 sticked wings and hot glue them right on top!
Covering the genius of the elastic from sight!

You can bedazzle the wings with glitter, rhinestones, whatever you want!

Even with a hood the wings look great!

Step 8: Ears!

Next the ears!
Flip one of the ears opposite the other.

Place a little hot glue at the base of the ear...

Fold in half.

I use clothespins to clamp them until the glue cools...not too
long though as it does leave a little bit of a bite mark!

Next add a strip of glue down the edge of the ear...

and glue it to the headband...about 3 inches from the bottom.

Ta da!

Step 9: A Perfect Pony!

A perfect Pony!

Now just add some gray apparel and you are good to go!

Add a little painted Cutie Mark on the cheek
for the perfect finishing touch!

And there you have it! A super simple pony costume!

We love PONIES!!!
My favorite just has to be Rarity!

My daughter is crazy for Pinkie Pie--but loves Daring Do too!

Who is your favorite pony?

Check out my blog Doodlecraft for lots more creative fun!

Don't forget to vote! :)

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    5 years ago

    On youtobe there's a Chanel called mommy and Gracie and they would love this


    5 years ago

    On youtobe there's a Chanel called mommy and Gracie and they would love this


    5 years ago

    my daughter will love this and slighty scary but I thought it was my daughter in the 1st picture they look so alike lol again great instructable


    5 years ago

    OMG DERPY!!!!

    I adore your model, whenever she in your instructables she always shines! This costume is also so great! I love how you did the wings, very sturdy but still looking awesome! Thanks for sharing!