Simple Necklace




Introduction: Simple Necklace

I made the necklace and a bracelet.-->

Step 1: You Will Need :

You will need:

-Some old tags (if you don't have something like that, I will show you some ideas how to make them in next steps)

-Pilers/ tongs

-Chain (if you're not sure about measures, put it around your neck and take measures)

-Rings (that little circles that you can open. I have special name for them in my language and I don't know how to translate it)


Step 2: Putting a Tag on Chainlet

Take a ring, open it with tongs and put your tag on that little ring. Then close the circle/ring. Squeeze your chain through and leave it like that.

Step 3: Making the Ends

Take two rings and one hook/ clip. Open them. On one end pull just ring through and close it with tongs. On the other pull chain and the hook/clip through the ring. Don't forget to close the circle so it will not fall off. Now you have your necklace...

You don't have old tag? Look how to make one--->

Step 4: Making Tag With Pearls

Take your wire or if you have a needle for earring, use it. (Cut of the end if you have the one with end and make curvature with tongs)
Choose the pearls and string them on the wire. Leave a little bit space on boths sides and cut the wire. Make curvatures on both sides. Now take two rings and open them. Pull through the chain and close the circle with tongs. Make the ends in the same way like on previous steps. I didn't have enough chain, so I mafe bracelet.

You don't have pearls or wire? Look the other idea--->

Step 5: Making a Tag With Glue Gun

Take old thing that would look cool like a tag. I took an old seashell. Take your hot gun (the small one is really really cheap, but it's so usefull) and make the end. I couldn't take the pictures so I asked my family member to help me, but photos are not very clear. Put glue on one side and go to the other making a half round/ semicircle. Put glue around it to make sure it won't fall off. Leave it to dry.

Step 6:

Take nail polish if you want to colour it. If not, then leave it like that. I had an old skeleton and because of the white color, I left It like that. Now take your rings, open them with tongs and pull the tags through. If you don't have hot gun, but you're good with wire, you can put it around and make a curvature.

I have some other ideas how to make tags, but I will show them in other instructables... I hope that I helped you. I'm not good in English, because I still learn it, so if you have questions I will try to answer them. :D

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    4 years ago

    Very cool! I thought you'd like to know that in English they're called jump rings. :-)


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you! :D
    I found out that people call them o-rings too...