Simple Non-Greasy Body Lotion

Introduction: Simple Non-Greasy Body Lotion

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Have you ever come across homemade recipes for body lotions? Probably yes, and I am sure you have noticed that all of them are very greasy based only on oils. Many people think that oils are good skin moisturizers but the truth is that they aren't. The natural oils are good emollients but they are not moisturizers at all. that can prevent the natural skin moisture to evaporate but oils will not moisturize. This is the reason the best commercial products to contain water based product and some oils. Water based products are the moisturizers and the oils emollients.

To make such a lotion you need to create a stable emulsion. To create emulsion you need to use emulsifiers. There are few natural and safe emulsifiers that can be used to create a good body lotion that feels the same way as the best commercial solutions but without preservatives and synthetic chemicals.

All you need is:

1. Rosewater 2oz

2. Distilled / filtered water 2oz

3. Shea butter 1oz

4. Virgin olive oil 2oz

5. BTMS25 0.5oz

6. Geranium essential oil 25 drops

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Step 1: Melt the Oil Phase

Put the shea butter, the olive oil, and the BTMS20 in a double boiler and heat them until completely melted. You can use a sauce pan placed in a larger saucepan with some water. Let the mixture cool down to 170F.

Step 2: Preheat the Water Phase

Mix the rosewater and the distilled / filtered water and slowly heat them till 170F.

Step 3: Blend the Oil and Water Phases Together

Check the both phases - water and oil are at the same temperature of around 170F. If needed reheat them. Add the oil phase in a blender container and blend for few seconds with a stick blender (you can use food processor). While blending start pouring in the water phase slowly. The color will change from transparent to white. The mixture will thicken a bit. You will receive a fine, smooth emulsion.

Step 4: Add the Essential Oil

Once the emulsion is ready leave it to cool down to 140F. Add the Geranium essential oil and give the mixture few more bursts with the stick blender.

Don't add essential oils to very hot mixture as they evaporate fast when heated.

Important: BTMS 25 is a safe natural emulsifier with exceptional conditioning properties and non-irritant for the skin. It is easy to find in many online stores for homemade cosmetic ingredients or Amazon.

You cant make stable emulsion without emulsifier. be careful of the emulsifiers you chose as some of them are dangerous as the SLS, PEGs, Polysorbates, and so on. For more information about safe, natural ingredients and emulsifiers visit

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