Simple Oil Lamp or Candle Using Household Oil and Hemp Wick

Introduction: Simple Oil Lamp or Candle Using Household Oil and Hemp Wick

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This instructable is to show you a quick and simple oil lamp I made.  This is just to give you guys and example and some data.


What you need:

Oil, canola, olive, whatever really

Beeline hemp wick

I plan on attempting to make thicker hemp/beeswax wick myself which I will post here if successful

A rock, marble, metal nut, or other small heavy fireproof object

A fireproof container, glass, metal, ceramic, stone, etc

To make my lamp I wrapped a single strand of beeline around a marble ( red in the pics) and then twisted it into a wick.

Dropped that into my container which happened to be a martini shaped glass. 

Snipped the very tip of the wick and added about 4 Tablespoons of Olive oil.

Lit it with a lighter at 3:30 pm and it is now 1:30  am and it is still going strong. 

The other example ( Blue marble) was 3 strands wrapped and braided around a marble.

This makes it brighter than the 2 strand wick but it also seems to use  more oil because of that. 

That wick was used with Smart balance oil and burned nice and steady from 4:15 pm - 1am when it slowly fizzled out using almost every drop of oil in the process.

Please be very careful making and using these.  I put mine into a metal pan incase they spill out or get bumped into or whatever

                                                                         Thanks for checking out my instructable



I have come up with other techniques for this now seen in the youtube video below

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