Simple PS3 Arduino Project

Introduction: Simple PS3 Arduino Project

Hello to everyone.Let's introduce myself.My name is dimitris and i am from Greece.I love very much Arduino becasuse it's smart board.I will try to describe as best as i can this instructable in order to make by anyone.So let's start.

Step 1: Materials

Step 2: Chassis

Every robot needs a chassis.I buy my chassis from ebay and i am very pleased because the materials fits perfectly.If you want you can make your own chassis.You will need 20x20 plywood or plastic.Place the Arduino and usb host shield on the chassis with screws.Also, plug the usb bluetooth on USB host shield.

Step 3: Wiring Scheme

Follow this diagram to make the connections.E1 and E2 are the pwm of motor controller and have to be connected in pwm of arduino.E1 goes on pwm 3 of Arduino,M1 goes on digital pin 2 of arduino.E2 goes on pwm 5 of Arduino,M2 goes on digital pin 4 of Arduino.Connect the VS from the motor controller to vin pin of Arduino.The GND from motor Controller to GND of Arduino.Connect motor A and motor B as the image show and then place the motor controller with a screw near to the Arduino and usb host shield.Finally, place the 9V battery on the chassis and you are almost ready to go.

Step 4: How to Connect a PS3 Controller to an Arduino

The connection between Arduino and PS3 Controller is piece of cake.The only thing you have to do is to follow this video.

Step 5: Arduino Code

After you have paired your arduino with PS3 Controller you have to upload the sketch that i make.When you press X the two motors drive forward and when press Δ the motors drive backwards.When you press the right arrow the right motor drive forward and the other backward.When you press the left arrow the left motor drive backward and the other forward.When you upload the sktech disconnect the cable from pc and put 6 AA batteries on your Arduino power jack and you are ready.

Step 6: Images From the Complete Project

That's it my PS3 project.Have fun



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    21 Discussions

    hi dimitrakis

    the vehicle goes back, left and right. but it does not go forward what could be the reason?

    Hello, ı am from turkey.I like very well your project.I make a robot with yours.I make to connect bluetooth dongle and ps3 but ı did not drive my robot because disconnected

    1 reply

    Hello sir.Please follow the steps carefully and your robot will work.Have a nice day :)

    Awesome tutorial! Seems easy to follow- thanks for making the video!

    Will this work with Mbot?

    1 reply

    Hello my friend yes it is very easy to make the project.Thank you for your support.i think that with some modifications will work with the mbot :)

    What if you add a camera to the existing project. Would it work and how?

    1 reply


    you have changed the baud rate of the interfacing code as 9600.

    but the baud rate of your code was 115200. will that work. with different baud rates or we need to change that?

    2 replies

    the braud rate should be 115200.i figure out that with 9600 the robot didn`t move at all.

    can you please reply to me asap sir, as my project deadline is nearing.


    2 years ago

    hi sir, i have to control the robot car project. Where the rear wheels in the form of a dc motor is controlled with flex sensors and front wheels in the form of a servo motor controlled by the accelerometer sensor. Robot controller with a car connected with nrf24l01. if one of the sensors to control I can. but if it combines both to control I can not. Both sensors transmit data simultaneously . dc motors and servo motors confused receive data so that its movement is chaotic. How should I fix this? can you help me.? Can I send my program to you and you see.? Please. My email:

    2 replies

    Hello sir.Give me more details about your project like wiring connection,code and materials that you use.

    I use : 2 Arduino uno, 2 flex sensor, L298 Dual H Bridge motor driver, 360 degree continuous servo motor, 2 motor dc, 2 NRF2401, Battery 110mah, MPU 6050.

    Flex sensor control motor dc, which one controls for forward and the other controls the moving backward. MPU 6050 controls the servo motors to move the left and to the right serves as navigation or stir.So flex sensors and mpu are in the same board and the controlling dc motors and servo motors with wireless communication. My car robot robotic three-wheeled car, which dc motors and servo motors that material. I have to send the data from both flex sensors and mpu 6050 to control the robot car. If the one sensors used I can control it with one command but when three sensor and they combine all three types of commands to control it I cant. May I have your email to send my program code ?or please contact me back via email

    Cool robot!