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Introduction: Simple Paint Booth

This Instructable will show you how to make a simple Paint Booth for painting small items. I plan on using this booth for painting small PC components in the near future, as well as little items here and there.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials...

The first thing you are going to need to do is gather your materials. You are going to need:

(8) 3/4" PVC 90's - These are around $0.40 each at Home Depot

(10) 3/4" PVC TEE's - These are around $0.60 each at Home Depot

Plastic Sheathing - This roll cost me about $13.00 at Home Depot

Duct Tape - Might have some laying around, I bought this pack for $2.00 and it was plenty!

Screws - I had these lying around, you don't NEED them, but they can come in handy in the future

Saw - I ended up using a circular saw later

Bailing Wire - Cheap and a good tool to have

24" x 24" Base Board - This cost me about $8.00 at Home Depot. You can go larger or smaller depending on your needs

(3) 10' Sticks 3/4" PVC - I had some laying around, but all in all, it is cheap

Step 2: Cut Your Materials...

I decided to make my booth roughly 18" x 18" inside, and roughly 40" tall.

You will need:

(9) Pieces of PVC 16-3/4"

(4) Pieces of PVC 7-3/4"

(4) Pieces of PVC 2"

(4) Pieces of PVC 4"

Step 3: Snap Your Pieces Together

You can start pushing the pieces together:

The base is (4) TEE's, (4) 90's, (4) 16-3/4" Pieces, and (4) 2" Pieces. Make a rectangle with the 90's on the outside and the (4) TEE's looking up. The 2" Pieces hold the 90's to the TEE's.

Then stick the risers into the TEE's. I used 36" Risers here.

After that, stick (4) TEE's on the risers with the branches facing one another on each side.

Place the 7-3/4" Pieces in between the TEE branches and add another TEE facing the center on each side. Connect these two TEE's with a 16-3/4" piece.

Lastly, add the (4) 4" Pieces to the top of the TEE's, and face the remaining 90's into one another. Attach these together using the remaining 16-3/4" pieces.

Step 4: Holding Hole

Drill a small hole slightly larger than your bailing wire in the center of the middle piece of PVC

Step 5: Wrap With Plastic

Lastly, wrap (3) sides with the sheathing. Use the duct tape to hold it in place.

I placed a small plastic "door" on the front side for easy access.

Step 6: All Done

Use bailing wire as a hook through the center PVC hole and paint away!

I used mine right away and painted some hooks with plasti-dip!

As you can see, I didn't use the screws; however, you can use the screws to hold your pieces in permanently. Or you can use PVC Cement for a permanent booth as well. I dry-fit them so that I can make it larger if need be.

Later on I may add some more features, like air flow and heating, but this will do for now.

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