Simple PandaHall Craft Idea - How to DIY Felt Christmas Tree With Rhinestone Beads and Chains




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Are you looking for some handmade decorations for this Christmas festival? If yes, do not miss this Pandahall tutorial on how to DIY felt Christmas tree with beads and chains.

Step 1: Supplies Needed for DIY Felt Christmas Tree:

10x6x5mm Flat Back Rhinestone Beads

Non Woven Polyester Embroidery Needle Felt

2mm Wide Rhinestone Cup Chain

Glue Gun




Step 2: Make the Basic Part of This Christmas Felt Tree

1st, draw a shape of the tree on the paper like picture shows;

2nd, use the glue to stick a piece of rhinestone cup chain(equal to the trunk) to the trunk of the tree;

3rd, continue to stick cup chains to the right part of the tree as picture shows

Step 3: Continue to Add Rhinestone Cup Chains to the Christmas Tree

1st, repeat the same ways to add more cup chains to the right part of the Christmas tree until it is filled.

2nd, repeat the above step to fill the left part of the Christmas felt tree with rhinestone cup chains like picture shows.

Step 4: Add Rhinestone Beads to the Handmade Christmas Tree

1st, use glue to attach a green flat back rhinestone bead to the bottom of the trunk like picture shows;

2nd, use the glue to stick five red rhinestone beads together to form a beaded flower pattern as picture shows.

Step 5: Finish the Christmas Felt Tree

Finally, attach the red beaded flower pattern to the top of the trunk.

Step 6: One More Picture

Do you like this Christmas tree? It is very easy, isn't it? Do you wanna make one by yourself? If you are interested in this style of handmade Christmas decoration, just follow this tutorial to have a try. Besides, we have more other Christmas jewelry tutorials on our web. Enjoy yourself~



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