Simple Parachute Toys for Kids



Introduction: Simple Parachute Toys for Kids

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Hi All,

This is a very simple thing to make. One can find everything at home, takes only 10 minutes to build and your child will enjoy for hours

Step 1: What Do We Need ?

- Garbage bag
- a small toy, not too heavy not to light
- tape
- rubber bands
- thread
- Scissors

Step 2: Build It

Cut a 20 inch square out of garbage bag. Cut 2.5 inch squares at every corner.

Joint the edges to make box and stick threads from each corner

Attach them using tuber bands on the toy

I have grouped then into 2 strings to avoid tangle

Step 3: Folding

We need to fold the parachute in half and then roll back, making sure the strings donot tangle

Step 4: Play

Make few and let the kids play

Video link for test

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