Simple Paracord Desktop Harness

Introduction: Simple Paracord Desktop Harness


Today, I'll teach you how to make a simple, durable, and cost-efficient desktop carry harness for a medium sized desktop, only using paracord!

I came up with the idea when I had to carry my desktop to another location and had trouble because I needed 2 hands to carry it, even with my monitor in hands.

This is very simple, and uses very little paracord.

Feel free to modify or share your own modified version!

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Step 1: What Do I Need?

Things you will need to create the harness.

Paracord (Approx. 134inch or 11Ft 2 inch)

(Note, You might need more for the knots that take up 1/2 an inch more)


Lighter or Matches

A medium computer case

And your own self

Step 2: Cutting Your Paracord to Correct Length

The 11 feet and 2 inches of paracord needs to be cut down to lengths, the lengths are listed below.

The parentheses include the lengths to compensate for how much paracord the knots need.

2, 41 (41 1/2) Lengths. (Main supports)
2, 20 (20 1/2) Lengths. (Side supports)
And 1, 12 (12 1/2) Lengths. (Handle)

For those who are new to using paracord..

When you cut paracord, it frays and the guts try to come out.

This is where our lighter comes in. Once you cut the paracord, take a lighter or match and burn the end so it makes a hard, solid end that no longer frays.

Step 3: Making the Handle and Main Supports.

To start, take your 2, 41 inch lengths (Main supports) and your 12 inch length (Handle).

What you want to do, is take your 12 inch length and tie the 2 ends together to create a loop.

Next, a 41 inch length through the 12 inch ring you've just made and make the 41 inch length into a loop as well, to create a chain.

Repeat the same with the other 41 inch length so you have like the picture above.

Step 4: Making the Side Supports

The side supports keep the computer from sliding out of the harness and keep it in place.

To make these, simply take the 2, 20 inch lengths (Side supports) and make them into separate loops, don't interlock them. These because of my design will be separate from the main harness, but will still support the computer very well.

Step 5: Wow! Your Done Already! But How Does This Thing Go On?

Well, The rest of the steps will instruct you on how to put it onto the computer.

To start, Take the 3 loops that you made with the 2 41's (Main supports) and the 1 12, (Handle) and place it ontop of the computer as shown.

Step 6: Note on the Knots

Note, when you put the loops on the computer, try to keep the knots near the handle so they don't sit at the bottom of the computer making the computer uneven and wobbly.

Step 7: Putting the Loops Around the Computer

Next, take the long 41 inch lengths and put them around the computer, making sure the knots are near the the handle.

But wait! If you pick it up now, it will just topple over or slip out of the harness.

This is where we use the side supports come in.

Step 8: Putting the Side Supports On

This is just as simple as the other steps.

You want to take your 41 inch lengths (Main supports) and put them through the 20 inch length loop (Side supports).

Repeat for other side.

Step 9: Sliding on the Main and Side Supports

This might be difficult to explain, but I'll do my best.

You want to slide the main supports to the underside of the computer, while keeping the side supports towards the bottom of the sides and creating what you see in the picture above.

Repeat on other side.

Step 10: Done!

You should have something that looks like the picture above! congratulations!

It supports as much as the paracord is rated for, for example.. My main supports are rated for 225, but the side supports and handle are 550.

Give some feedback on what you think, and post your opinions if you made one!


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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very nicely done! The side supports look like the key to making this work.

    Great first instructable!