Simple Pen Bouquet

Introduction: Simple Pen Bouquet

** This is a simple project and great gift idea **

List of Materials:

Silk Flowers (either a bouquet or single stem)
Ink pens  (not retractable)
 Floral Tape
 Needle Nose Pliers
 Glass Bowl or Short Vase
 Bag of Glass Beads (color of your choice)

** The number of pens/flowers needed depends on how many flowers you want in your bouquet

Step 1: Step One

1. Separate each flower that you need from the bouquet with the pliers – place the flower stem at the back of the “jaws” of the pliers and squeeze closed to break the wire in the stem.

** You can skip this step if you are using single stem flowers **

Step 2: Step Two

2. Trim your flower stem with pliers – you will need a couple of inches of stem in order to secure the flower to the pen.

** The length of your flower will depend on how long your pens are and how deep/tall your chosen bowl or vase is. **

Step 3: Step Three

3. Attach the stem of the flower to the pen by wrapping the floral tape around the flower stem and the pen:

•  “Anchor” the tape on the flower stem first by wrapping the tape around the bottom of the stem a few times.

• Wrap both pen and stem with the tape, starting at the bottom and working your way up.

Step 4: Step Four

4. Cover the entire flower stem/pen with floral tape:

• Add a few layers of the tape to ensure the two pieces are properly bonded.

• Press your fingers firmly over the taped pen/flower a few times to ensure the tape bonds to itself and will not come off.

Step 5: Steps Five & Six

5. Repeat the instructions with as many pens as you want for your bouquet.

6. Pour the glass beads into the bowl/vase and arrange your pens as you like.

** The last picture shows your finished "bouquet"!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice, just what I was looking for. Its simple and easy to do.