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Introduction: Simple Pen Stand

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Hello Friends,

If anyone is facing the same problem that you need an extra stand for your tools then here is one, if you go to buy one in market it will cost you some bucks, but its all free to make.

In today's instructable, I am going to show you how to make a very simple and easy pen stand that you can make in just 10 minutes.

Also, all the parts you can easily find in your home.

So, stay tuned.

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Step 1: Materials You'll Need

I am sure everyone will find the following materials at your home,

1. a piece of thermocol

2. pen knife

3. a pvc pipe

4. fevicol

5. some cardboard

6. sketch pen, that's all.

Step 2: Make the Base

First take some piece of cardboard, draw the hexagonal pattern and cut it in the shape.

Cut two different pieces of same size and glue them together using fevicol.

so, our base is ready now.

Step 3: Cut the Foam Piece

Take a piece of foam or thermocol, cut the edges to make it a hexagon.

Now draw a circle in it of the size of the pvc pipe, cut the circle using a pen knife so that your pipe fits in it.

Also cut the edges in the upper part to smoothen it and give a good finish.

Step 4: Make the Tower

For the construction of the tower,

Take the pvc pipe and the foam piece and glue them together using some fevicol.

Let it dry for sometime, after that glue the pipe on the cardboard base.

And your tower is ready.

Step 5: Finishing

At last take a sketch pen or marker and make some design of your own.

I just colored it in the pattern and it looks good.

So now your product is ready for use, take some pen and put inside.

So that's all, Thank you guys.

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