Simple Birdhouse




Introduction: Simple Birdhouse

Instructions for the Easiest plastic bottle birdhouse you will ever make!
1. Grab your empty opaque laundry detergent bottle and wash it out thoroughly(birds don't like or need to live in chemicals)
2. Sand off the labels of the bottle using 60 grit sand paper.
3. Pull the plastic spout out of the mouth of the bottle.
4. Cut the plastic spout so it is 1/2 - 1 inch wide.
5. Put the plastic spout back in the mouth of the bottle.
6. Drill a hole wide enough for a screw head on the back of the bottle 3/4 from the top when holding with the handle down.
7. Drill a hole wide enough for the neck of the screw right above the big hole. The final hole should look like a pear.
8. Drill a hole in the handle to let and water drain away from the nest.
9. Screw a screw into the surface you want to hang the bird nest bottle on and leave 1/2 inch of screw out from surface.
10. Push the screw into the big hole of the bottle until the screw hole goes through the back of the bottle.
11. Tug the bottle down until the neck of the screw goes into the top part of your pear shaped hole.

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    take photo of it with proof that birds use them. and how do you clean it out once birds gone south for winter tho?