Simple Plastic Bottle Craft and Hide a Key




hi guys!! this is my first instructable and i hope you will like it!! my mother used to do some things in the bottle and its just turned out that her craft is amazing and i try it to do in just a simple way....

Step 1: ​Materials Needed

  • Plastic Bottle
  • Straw
  • scissors
  • cutter
  • marker

Step 2: For the Bottle

  • mark the bottle
  • cut the marks

Step 3: For the Straws

  1. make a star

Step 4: Put the Stars on the Pointed Stems of the Bottle

Step 5: Add Something

you can add something like sand, egg shells, pebbles anything that you can put in it.

you can paint it, make it like a vase, organizer and anything that comes up on your mind!!

Step 6: Hide Your Key!!

you can put it outside near your door, and hide there your key!

Step 7: Done!!

its just simple!! you can do it more creatively if you try... thank you for reading!!! this is my first instructable i hope you will like it!!



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