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Introduction: Simple Plastic Fastener

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Hey people, since my childhood, there's an old problem, or probably also problem to some of you guys too. Every time there's an open plastic of cookies or candies (like in the picture), the only solution is to fasten it with rubber band. It took more than 10secs just to fasten that plastic. So in this instructable, I will show a simple solution, also with a purpose of reuse unused thing.

ETA: 15 - 30 Minutes

Lvl: Easy

Step 1: Preparing...

First, equipments you need are just a marker (if necessary) and a cutter. Then prepare an unused plastic bottle (works with any size). And last, a plastic of cookies or candies (probably)... Then let's begin.

Step 2: Cleaning...

So first thing first, clean the unused plastic bottle. You don't wanna use unused plastic bottle from someone else directly, right? Throw the rest liquids inside it, then wash it. After finish wash it and dry it, then let's continue.

Step 3: Marking... (IF NECESSARY)

Second thing, is to mark a line to where it will be cut. Actually this step is not really necessary if you already know where to cut it. If you already know the mark, then let's skip to step 4.

Step 4: Cutting... (PART I) and (IF NECESSARY)

This step is only purpose to amateurs, starters, or youngsters. What we need is actually only the plastic bottle's neck part. And it's quite hard if you directly cut it. So this step's purpose is to cut the upper shoulder part first, to make it easily. If you are not amateurs, starters, or youngsters, then you can directly skip to step 5.

Step 5: Cutting... (PART II)

Now, for the real cutting part. Cut between the upper shoulder part and the neck part. Don't forget that we still need the cap to. This is the most important part, and be careful when cutting it.

Step 6: Progressing...

Now take the plastic of cookies or candies. Make it kinda stand like in the first picture. Now, unplug the bottle cap. Put the plastic through the bottle-neck part, like in picture 2 and 3. Now, fold the rest of the plastic outside of the bottle-neck part like in picture 4. And so it's ready for the finishing part.

Step 7: Finishing...

Now take the bottle cap, and plug it to the bottle-neck part. Turn it and plug it. See, it's done. It's simple, easy, yet reusing unused things. With this, it can reduce our plastic bottle trash amount. So whenever you need to take the cookie or candy, just unplug the cap. Done :).



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    7 Discussions

    This is very clever. What I don't understand is why you have to cut the bottle twice, first on the shoulder, then second around the base of the neck. Why is it easier this way rather than simply one cut around the base of the neck? Thank you. C

    1 reply

    Cut directly to the neck-base part is also possible, but its more dangerous than cutting the upper-shoulder part first (in my opinion). Just in case for youngsters...

    Cutting the upper-shoulder part is only if its necessary to youngsters... Cutting directly to the base of the neck is also can be done, but it's more dangerous to youngsters...