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Power strips are cheap ( at some places ), so why should we bother repairing them? Well there is a sense of satisfaction from a repair, and you lessen the flow through the waste stream.

In my case the switch on the power strip completely disintegrated. When I looked insider the components were crammed in and connected with very stiff wire. It was going to be hard to repair. My solution, get in, cut out everything not really needed, and get out.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Basic workshop tools for appliance electrical work:

  • Misc. Tools
  • Soldering Iron
  • Wire
  • Wire Nut
  • Electrical tape

Step 2: Fix It

We are going to rip out much of the guts, splice back the essential connections and close it back up.

  • Open it up by removing the screws from the back. Try not to loose them.
  • Cut out the resistor cap. network for the LED, cut off the LED leads. ( Your could reconnect this to have a power indicator light, I did not. )
  • Cut out the switch and discard. Leave wires from the "wall" to brass contacts and circuit breaker.
  • Use a soldering iron to remove wire stubs from the long brass contacts.
  • Solder in new twisted wire to complete the wall, circuit breaker, brass contact circuit. I used a wire nut for one contact.
  • Temporally taping the contacts in place may make assembly easier.
  • Close it up, tape over the old opening for the switch.

Step 3: Done, Use It

No instructions necessary, even easier to use than the original, you have to plug it in, but not turn it on.



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    I did this with an old UPS battery box, actually salvaged the electronics and now have me an empty project box, just waiting for the right thing to build into it, already got a head start with the line cord and circuit breaker I left in place.

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