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Introduction: Simple Preemie & Newborn Baby Pull on Hat

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Suitable for beginners.

As easy as: knit, purl and sew.

Pom poms or tassels are optional

Step 1: You Will Need

A small ball / skein / hank of baby soft double knit yarn, about 25g / 1oz

[UK Double Knit (DK) yarn is: US Light Worsted yarn or in Australia / NZ 8ply yarn]

A yarn weight conversion chart can be found here

I pair of 4mm knitting needles [US Size 6 / UK & Canada Size 8]

A needle size conversion chart can be found here

Yarn needle to sew up

  • In the image here, you can see a row counter on my needle, you won't need this. I just have them on all my needles
  • You will also note that my ball of yarn are larger than 25g / 1oz, this is because I have other projects to make with each ball

Step 2: Knit As Follows

For preemie babies knit the first set of numbers, for a birth to three months baby, knit set of numbers in [brackets]

Cast on 30 [36] stitches - not too tightly and leave a long length of yarn to sew up when complete

  • Row 1 - Knit
  • Row 2 - Purl
  • Row 3 - Knit

Repeat these 3 rows until your work measures 10" [12"]

You should have 14 [16] purled ridges on each side of your work

Step 3: Cast Off and Sew Up Side Seam

Cast off, again, not too tightly and leave a length of yarn.

Sew up the cast on and cast off (side seam) edges - indicated by the placement of the knitting needles at the sides on the one image

Step 4: Sew Up Crown and Bind Off

Weave yarn in and out at the crown and draw up tightly, then bind off

Turn right side out and roll up a cuff on the bottom.

And that's it - done

Step 5: To Pom Pom or Not to Pom Pom? Now That Is a Question

You can add a pom pom to top off the crown if you prefer.

Here are some good instructions by Hobbycraft for making pom poms in a variety of ways

Personally, I have to pom pom, I just can't help myself

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