Pure Sine Wave Inverter

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Project 1 : Half Bridge Pure Sine wave Inverter

Hi... I Am Sina Manafi From Persia

Homemade Pure Sine Wave Inverter (2.5% THD) ......

Making Pure Sine wave Inverter

With AVR ATMega8 and Iron Transformer 220 to 6-0-6 For Make Inverter 12 to 220

and transformer 220 to 12-0-12 For Make Inverter 12 to 110

Step 1: Programming AVR & Circuit

Programming HEX File To ATMega 8 Micro contoroler with Programmer AVR

Best Resolution (512 Point) & high frequency SPWM (29 KHz)

Step 2: Make PCB

Making PCB Board ....

Step 3: Assemble Board & Testing 2 Oscope

Assembling Board And In Box.....

Fan And Heat Sink For Mosfet & transformer......

Testing Oscop and THD = 2.5%

Step 4: In Box

Step 5: Iron Transformer 3 Wire

Transformer 3 Wire :

220V to 6x2 For Inverter 220V

220 to 12x2 For Inverter 110V

Step 6: Move Test..

Move Test Pure Sine wave inverter (THD 2.5%).....

Move Test Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Step 7: Project 2 : Hex Bridge (Full Bridge) Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Hex Bridge (Full Bridge) Pure Sine wave Inverter

Step 8: AVR ATMega8 Code



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Question 7 weeks ago on Step 1

Excellent project. I'd be interested in the how the program was implemented if you are willing to share the source code. Thanks!


Interesting. That is a lot easier to make that I thought that it would be.