Simple Pyro Fuse Dispenser

Introduction: Simple Pyro Fuse Dispenser

This Instructable will show you how to make a handy container for storing and dispensing your pyro fuse from materials you likely have around your house.

To begin, gather the required materials:

- Screw-top container with plastic lid
- Exacto knife or other sharp object for boring a hole in the container lid
- 2 cheap pencil sharpeners (or 1 with 2 blades)
- Screwdriver for taking the blades off the sharpeners
- Glue gun & glue
- Clothes pin
- Fuse

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Step 1: Preparing the Lid

Make sure your container is clean and dry. Then, remove the lid and start to bore a hole with the knife about half an inch (1cm) from the edge of the lid. Do this by holding the knife at a 45 degree angle to the lid, pressing the point into the plastic, and twisting the knife in a circle.
Once the knife has poked through to the other side (picture 1), force the screwdriver through the hole while twisting to widen it (picture 2).

Step 2: Making the Fuse Cutter

Next, use the screwdriver to remove the blades from the pencil sharpeners.

Now, place a dab of hot glue on the flat side of one blade and press the other blade's flat side onto it to create a 'V' shape with the sharp edges in the middle of the V. It's important that the blades are touching where they cross, or else the cutter won't work very well.

Step 3: Final Steps

Use a line of hot glue to attach the fuse cutter to the clothes pin, so that the blade attached to the pin runs along the pin and is sticks out just a little bit from the pin so full 'V' is exposed. Look at the 1st photo to see what exactly I mean.

Then, glue one of the pencil sharpeners on the same side of the clothes pin as the cutter, but make it protrude the opposite way (the cutter will stick up, and the sharpener will stick down).

Finally, glue the bottom of the sharpener casing to the plastic lid so that the part where the clothes pin pinches is directly above the hole in the lid.

Step 4: Using Your Dispenser

Now you can insert your fuse into the container. Take one end of it and feed it up through the hole in the lid and pinch it with the clothes pin. Screw the lid onto the container and you're done!

To use the dispenser, grab the fuse above the pin, open the pin, and pull out however much fuse you want. Let the pin close, then slide the fuse firmly into the V of the cutter. The blades should slice the fuse easily and cleanly.

Enjoy! I appreciate any feedback!

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