Simple, Quick, Origami Toy

Introduction: Simple, Quick, Origami Toy

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This is a very simple-to-make toy that can be made from just a few sheets of paper.  It can be used in many ways, and can provide hours of fun.

Step 1: Supplies

For this Instructable you will need:
-6 square pieces of paper, all of the same size.  I used sticky notes, but anything should work.
-a pen(optional)

Step 2:

First, fold one of the sticky notes in half horizontally.

Step 3:

Next, unfold the sticky note, turn it 90 degrees, and fold it the same way.  You should now have an 'x' shape made by the creases.

Step 4:

Flip the sticky note over, and fold again, but this time fold from corner to corner instead of side to side. 

Step 5:

Unfold and turn 90 degrees just like before, and fold another crease so that it forms another 'x' with the previous fold.

Step 6:

At this point in the Instructable, your sticky note should not be laying flat, but sticking up from the table along the creases.  Put your fingers on two of the parallel sides, and push them together.  Now, squeeze the other two sides together  and press everything down so you end up with a triangle like this.

Step 7:

This step is completely optional, but highly recommended, because it makes everything much less confusing.  If you take your triangle, and feel the sides, you will find that each side is covering up another side of the exact dimensions.  Fold these flaps out so that all four of these flaps are at 90 degree angles from each other, and you can stand up the paper so that it looks like a pyramid.  Now, put a marking on both sides of two opposite flaps.  Now repeat all of the folding and marking steps with the other 5 sheets of paper.

Step 8:

Now it is time to finish the cube. arrange all of the pieces in the pyramid shape shown before, and choose 3 pieces.  Put the pieces together so that a blank side goes over a marked side.  Now add all of the other pieces using the same pattern.  All marked sides should be covered by a blank side, and all blank sides should be covering a marked side.  When you are done, push all of the sides together and you will end up with something like this.

Step 9: Uses

"So that's cool, but what's the point?"
There are many fun things that can be done with this.  My favorite is to take two opposite corners and press against them with my palms.  Then, if you blow on the toy, it will spin and make noise.  You can use the toy like a ball, or just use it as art, just be creative and have fun.

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    7 years ago

    If you make this out of a thicker paper it can be used as a moving airsoft target. They sell larger rubberized versions with this same shape as targets for .22 rifles.