Simple Rechargable Light



Hello friends, i am a guy love to make things related to tech and main moive is to ...

Hello friends, this instructable is about how you you can make a simple rechargable let's begin..

Step 1: Things Needed

> 4v battery.

> 3v white hat led - 3pcs.

> switch.

>rainbow cable.

>charging port.

> 100 ohm resistor.

>1n4007 diode.

> red led.

after getting all these things let's move to next step...

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Just connect everything according to circuit diagram and make your own design of rechargeable light and be creative....

Step 3: It's Testing Time..

it's testing time.


it works for me.

watch the video of testing...

if you have any question ,then ask from me in comment box.....




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