Simple Removable Car Sun Shade




Introduction: Simple Removable Car Sun Shade

A simple and easy way to protect yourself and your children from the sun heat in long trips

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Step 1: Prepare the Window Shapes

take an A3 papers and push them towards your car windows to have the shape of them

Step 2: Cutting

cut them in the shape of the car windows

Step 3: Double Them

now take more papers and draw the templates on them .. this is to make your sun shade thicker

add papers as more as you need but be careful more paper can lead your lamination film to torn. I used only two papers with one picture cut inside

Cut them all in same shapes.

Step 4: Stick Them to Gether

stack them together then put them in a laminating film . with the help of heat they become hard which now we can use by the way that we need

Step 5: Re-cut

now re-cut the not needed edges into the same shape of the template.

be careful, you have to leave at least about 1cm from each side of the paper to not lose the laminating film and to make the area which will go between your car window and its rubber frame.

I add some pictures of prayers and habits that i want my son to read and follow .. you can add any pictures or any thing that you thing it will add a decorative appearance to the sun shade.

Step 6: Use Them

now easily slide them between your windows glass and the rubber frame.. the 1cm area of the lamination film will go inside leaving the paper as its glued to the window. by this there is no more sun rays coming inside.

there is a small mistake that I've done.. those papers are for the right side of the car but because there was no space in parking area i put them in the left side only to show you the how it is. (Also one paper is mistakenly flipped)

if you didn't add any picture you can use your papers in either side of your car.

Step 7: You Can

you can use any laminated A3 of A4 paper and slide it into the windows to protect you from sun if you don't want to make it hard for you.

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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago

    I'm all but certain the ones on the front windows are illegal.
    There are laws regarding tinting that state that other drivers/pedestrians must be able to make eye contact with the driver from the front windows (windshield and front door on both sides).

    This also increases your blind spot to anything in the obstructed lane.

    There may even be restrictions that say the ones on the back windows must be see through (you can make out objects on the other side of them). I don't know if this is true but I wouldn't doubt it.

    When I was a kid we just used a blanket in the window.

    Great idea for the back ones though.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Dear John,

    You are right in your point but its only for the long trips (strait long lines out of cities) .

    we where using towels in my childhood but it takes time in comparison with this method, it takes only a second to stick/slide it.