Simple Rocket Launcher. It Can Fly!!




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So many step to make Rocket launcher. Now i will show you how to make it. You can get the materials for easy.

This rocket launcher is very powerfull!!!. The rocket can Fly ± 15 Feet. !!

You can make it under 30 minutes!!!

Ok now lets make it!

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Step 1: The Materials

Rocket launcher:

- Empty Can

- 2 empty bottle

- Nail (don't to small)

- Hammer

- Scissors

- Small pipe

- Some electrical tape

- Alcohol & sprayer

- BBQ Igniter

- Hot glue / super glue


- Bottle

- Cardboard

- Hot glue / super glue

Step 2: Make the Rocket Launcher

  • Cut the can (image 1-2)
  • Make some holes (image 3-5)
  • Cut the bottle (image 6-9)

Step 3: Gluing

Glue all the parts of the launcher with hot glue / super glue and add some electrical tape for more safety

Step 4: The BBQ Igniter

Make a hole, insert the bbq igniter and glue it. make sure the Igniter works (An electric spark)

Step 5: The Rocket Launcher Is Finish

Now, lets make the rocket!

Step 6: The Rocket

  • Find a bottle
  • Make the wings (Image 2-5)
  • Make the rocket head (Image 6-8)


Step 7: Test It!!!!!!!!!!!

Testing Video

Spray the rocket launcher with alcohol, close with the igniter cap. Press the igniter and SHOOT!


Please use gloves for more safety.

DON'T shoot any people / Animals!

At your OWN RISK!!!

Thanks for look my work!

sorry for my bad english!!

Please look my other project!


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