Simple Router Table

Introduction: Simple Router Table

Here's a guide on how to make a simple router table!

You'll need:

- two IKEA cupboard shelves

- 3 lengths of CLS

- 2 screw inserts

- 1 car jack

- a bucket load of screws!!

This is only my second instructable, but i think i've done better than my first!

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Step 1: Get You Shelves...

Getting your shelves, mark out the position of your router (i put mine off centre, more to the right, so that i have a larger surface to the left to pass work through.

Once you've marked out your router position on, remove the face plate of your router, and use this as a marking guide to locate the mounting holes... Transfer the holes though, and drill them to the thickness you need (depending on the size of screws your router takes)

Step 2: Begin Building the Table Frame

Measure the size of your top, and cut 4 pieces of CLS, creating a band all the way round the edge, on the underside of your table top.

This will form the base that your legs will attach to, ensure it is square and fixed firmly to the table top.

Once you've created the band, you need to determine the height you want your router table to be... As I'm running out of rim, I'm creating quite a low table, for ease of storage etc.

Cut some CLS to length, and screw onto your exiting CLS band (attached to the table top)

Now you've got your legs attached, recreate the first band of CLS you made, and attach it to the legs, to brace the legs, and keep everything square.

to determine the height, measure your router (when at 0 depth) add on the height of your jack (when at lowest point) doing this will allow you to attach a cross board onto the leg brace later on, so that you can affix the jack to.

Step 3: Creating Your Fence

away from the table, take your second shelf, and rip it down to around 300mm. this will create the sliding base for your fence.

Your fence is going to need to clamp to your table, so cut two 6mm slots in the fence base, to allow for bolts to be put through later. for this, i measured 100mm from the edge, and ran it through the table saw, to create the two slots.

You now need to create the upstand for your fence, use the off cut from your second shelf, and rip it down to about 120mm. this will be screwed onto the edge of your fence base, and create a smooth face for your work to glide down as you cut.

Create 4 braces to help support the face of the fence. you can do this by ripping down the shelf offcut to about 100mm, then using an angle sled on your table saw, rip the corners off at 45 degrees.

before fixing all together, you'll need to cut two holes into the fence base, and the fence face plate, to allow for your router tooling etc. i did this by getting a 3" hole saw in my pillar drill, and drilling the pilot hole 10mm in from the edge. Make the holes central to your fence, so that it lines up with your router position when attached to the table.

now you can fix all the pieces of your fence together.

Start be fixing the face onto the base, then equally position your braces along the fence, to add support.

Step 4: Mounting Your Fence

using screw in captive nuts, allows the fence to be locked down to the table securely. The fence should line up to the centre of your router cutter

Step 5: Adding Power

i've added an intermediate socket to my router table, to allow me to switch the router on and off whilst using it, because of the safety switch on my router, i'm having to jimmy that with a cable tie, so it's 'constantly on' so using the socket, I'm able to retain local switching.

Step 6: Adding Castors

I picked up 4 locking castors from eBay, and mounted them on the base, so that the table can be easily moved etc.

Step 7: Installing the Jacking Plate and Jack

You'll need to add a brace on the base of the table, to support your jack.

As I'm yet to find a jack, i haven't added this yet, so I'm adjusting the router height manually.

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