Simple Rubber Band Bracelet




This is the most simple rubber band bracelet, it is very pretty and is quick and easy!

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Step 1: Gather Materials

you will need
-about 30 small (rainbow loop) rubber bands
- 1 C-clip

Step 2: Lets Get Started

Take one rubber band and one C-clip and slide bolth sides of the rubber band in to create an infinity like shape

Step 3: Add a Rubber Band

fold the two sides of your first rubber band up and slide another rubber band through the two holes

Step 4: Repeat Step Three Untill You Bracelet Is Long Enough for Your Wrist

Step 5: Finish It Off

to conect your other side to the c-clip you slide one loop through the other, and pull it tight, then slide the loop through the c-clip and your done!

Step 6: Leave a Comment!

-Suggest a tutorial
-Leave a picture of how yours turned out
-give me feedback!!

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    5 years ago

    That's cool! I saw some of my friends warring these at school