Simple Rubber Band Braclet




Step 1: Get Supplies Ready

Items needed::
-rubber bands
-loom hook
- s or c-clip

Step 2: Starting

1st- you will need to get your loom ready and pick out your first color and make an infinity sign and place it on the loom

Step 3:

2nd- now u will place a different rubber band on top of the infinity sign rubber band

Step 4:

Now you will take the bottom rubber band and bring it on top, do it to both sides

Step 5:

Continue this process until u get it the length u would like..........

Step 6:

This is the length I want so I am putting my fingers on the top and bottom and pull it of and pull the rubber band that is hanging ,,off

Step 7: C or S- Clip Time

Put the band on the c or s-clip

Step 8: DONE

Now you r ready to wear it !


Hope u enjoyed it don't forget to comment



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