Simple Rubber Band Pen Gun

Its is simple weapon to made with a pen and protect from thiefs or anybody and you can play archery or shooti g or you can play with your friend . please vote everybody ......

Step 1: Materials Required

1. Pen
2. Electric tap or cello tap
3. Rubber band
4. knife or paper cutter

Step 2: Step 1

Remove the cartridge from the pen and back cap from it ...

Step 3: Step 2

cut writting ( shape is cone ) end of the pen . With a knife or paper cutter ...

Step 4: Step 4

Cut the rubber band in half ...

Step 5: Step 5

Get both ends of the rubber band and pull them down either side of the pen, and tape the ends of the elastic band onto either side of the pen with a little bit of the ends still out so you can turn them back over the sticky tape, and fold the ends over and tape them down again, to acquire greater holding and a lower chance of hurting one's self.

Step 6: Step 6

In order to fire, slide an ink cartridge down with the writting part (nib) is facing outwards.

Step 7: Step 7

Pull back rubber band and ink cartridge in the middle and in the other hand the pen gun.

Step 8: Step 8

Aim the target and shoot on it ....



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