Simple Rustic Pallet Pet Bed



Introduction: Simple Rustic Pallet Pet Bed

this bed was made for my 15 year old cat who has trouble getting up on my bed but he wont use a or ordinary cat bed as he does not like the material hope you enjoy

Step 1: Materials

all you need for this project is 1 pallet and i found a piece of wood that is meant to support a roof and some varnish and wood glue and nails

Step 2: Step 1 the Frame

the frame was made just using a simple but joint and the blocks of wood off my pallet to support it

Step 3: Making a Overhang

so just so i was easy for my cat to get on the bed i added these to each side expat for the back were the headboard would go

Step 4: The Headboard

i used two smaller pieces of wood and one on top and for the middle i used the roof support for the centre cut up in a random fashion to make it look more rustic

Step 5: Sanding and Staining

i went over it with a 120 grit sand paper and rounded over the edges to stop my cat from getting splinters the i stained the base with a Jacobean oak and the head with a dark oak stain

Step 6: The Finished Product

the finished product looks good and my cat loves sleeping on it and it is easy for him to get on it



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