Simple STP (stand to Pee) Device (for Women and Transfolk)




Introduction: Simple STP (stand to Pee) Device (for Women and Transfolk)

This comes in handy when camping, on the road or if the bathrooms are disgusting!
If you can't find a use for this, then you obviously have not been in a situation where you've wished you could pee through your fly... If the thought offends you, then please do not read on.

Step 1: Materials

What you need:

Plastic cutting board (the pliable kind)
Two pieces of wood (I hear thick books can also work)

Step 2: Use the Paper/carboard to Make a Stencil.

Fold the paper in half and draw a curve across one edge. (the crease is on the bottom). Next cut along the curved line and unfold your stencil. The length of the STP device is up to personal preference.

Step 3: Use Your Carboard Stencil

Place it over the plastic cutting board and use the sharpie to mark the edges. Carefully cut out the shape out of the plastic cutting board, and fold it in half to create a crease. (hint: you may want to use an object to flatten the crease out)

Step 4: Melting the Edge

Ok so please do this step outside as there are likely fumes created from melting the plastic. Get the assistance of someone else if you don't think you can do this safely.

Place the folded plastic piece between the two pieces of wood. Place it so that the curved part is poking out slighting from the wood (a few mm)

Now i was unable to do this for the second photo (as I was holding the camera), put pressure on the wood so that the plastic parts are together.

Use the lighter to melt the plastic together. Don't stay too long in one place, instead wave the flame gently back and forth for about 30 seconds. The intent is to seal the plastic not burn it. When the plastic is hot use the wood to press over the hot seam in order to seal it properly.

In order to get the full curve, you will likely have to adjust the plastic and melt the rest of it. Take your time.

Step 5: The Finished Product.

Test the product under running water to make sure the curved end is leak proof.

How to use it? Practice at home first to make sure you are ok using it. The open end goes out through your fly. Prop the STP open slightly and place it gently against yourself. Make sure you angle the tip downwards slightly in order to assist with voiding. Voila!
Wash after every use.

You can stow it away flat in your pocket or anywhere else.

Use scissors to trim it for a comfortable fit if needed.



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    May I offer my idea?
    I took an empty hair spray bottle, or you may use any reasonable facsimile.must be long, made of sturdy plastic and have a small opening on one end. Just take a sharp knife and slice off the wide end, you may need to cut off some little shaving so it is smooth. That is it. I just tried it and it works great, and you do not even have to bend over just hold it up against your body at a slight angle downward, and voile. The bottle just needs to be washed and there is not tape to hold odors it is perfect. Keep a plastic bag handy for storage, I use the plastic bag that holds my paper delivery just the right size.
    And if you are seen with the bottle it is just a hairspray bottle.

    This is fabulous, I'll be making several; one for camping, one for my purse, one for my day pack.

    In some circles, these would be great xmas gifts!

    1 reply

    Thank you :) In my circle this comes as a huge compliment :) Enjoy the freedom.

    practice first! Once you get the hang of it it's quite practical... If you expect instant success you may end up with instant embarrassment. :) Enjoy camping

    My job often requires peeing in all outdoors and I wear a gun belt that I'd rather not remove even for a few minutes in the areas that I have to go. I have tried a lot of expensive funnels, can't get them into the fly well. Some of the female fed agents use their milk or soda bottles that they cut on the spot. I will be giving this a try ASAP.

    I was thinking on the lines of a funnel with a tube attached to it so one could use it anywhere.Your project is great!!!

    This is cool. I wonder how to mod it to be more like this:

    Meaning, add a tube so you can direct the urine away from you, into a bottle, etc. I may play around with this.

    4 replies

    It might be easier to mod a funnel to be used for that purpose... I would make the suggestion to make sure that you used hose/tubing that would be wide enough to accomodate your flow so that there is no backing up, as that might encourage leakage.

    I will give it some thinking as I am sure something can be done; I do think though that modding in this way will make it more difficult to dissimulate.

    I am going to try this one with the plastic to see if it works well. It looks like a sound concept. I think it could be easily moded with a tube

    Maybe you can do this device in EVA rubber, it is smooth and soft. It absorbs a bit, but can be washed.

    Besides, if you are using your plastic sheet, instead of melting the edge you can use a solder or a hot wire. It melt and cut at one time.

    3 replies

    Never worked with rubber; is it tough to work with? Would I have to mold it or could it be cut in a similar manner?