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I put some thought into making dedicated storage for my sandpaper discs. At the moment they are all over my workshop and the bag/box they arrive in it makes it really awkward to get them out. While designing the project I thought there must be existing containers that work better. I found a perfect one.

I made a video demonstrating what works so well:

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Step 1: Blank CD Storage?

My first thought was to use an old blank CD storage container. In my mind it would be perfect. Yes Id have to cut off the central column that goes through the hole in the CDs but that's easily done. Unfortunately the discs are slightly too big to fit though. I was sure this would be ideal but obviously not.

Step 2: Painter Tape Container?

Next existing container I tried turned out to be the best. I use frog tape a lot. The rolls of tape come in plastic containers that stack nicely together, I'm sure other brands of painters tape use similar containers too. The sandpaper discs fit perfectly so simply adding some of the frog tape on the lid and writing which grit is stored inside makes the perfect storage container. These containers would have otherwise been thrown away but now they have a new use.

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