Simple Scarf Jewelry



Introduction: Simple Scarf Jewelry

In stores u can but this type of thing but they cost $20. In my tutorial I will show u how to make one for less in a simple way!!

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Step 1: Materials

You will need a scarf a large charm or pendant (I got my stuff at a craft store), and a piece that u can connect the charm to the scarf with, may need a jump ring. And optional beads. I won't use them this time.

Step 2: Attaching Part One.

To attach u will loop the scarf carefully through the peice until in middle.

Step 3: Attaching Part Two

Attach the pendant or charm with a jump ring issuing pliers.

Step 4: Beads

If u want to u can but beads on the ends. Like shown above. Looks good with them just takes a while. If u want to go for it! Put the bead on and tie a knot to hold an repeat many times. The only issue is they tangle easy when u do that.

Step 5: Complete!!

Your complete look is the best of all steps!! It was easy, fun, and you made something u can wear! Tnx for viewing and making! Please subscribe and vote. Thank you.

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