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Introduction: Simple Security

The device consists of a key fob with a small button magnet. concealed behing a plastic dashboard or door panel is a reed switch. The magnet acivates the switch to enable operation of the vehicle ignition, a solenoid latch or to disable a security alarm. The reed switch activates a relay to switch the higher currents required by the circuit it is controlling.



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    My car using this system. And no one know how to use it until i guide them to use it :D . A comercial system though but can be build using arduino based system.

    Hey, yeah, this sounds like exactly what I am wanting to do for my golf cart at work. . . (other employees keep stealing it and leaving me stranded!) . . . however, I am rather dense when it comes to mods =D I'm definatly looking forward to some step by steps (and make sure they are dummy proof for people like me!!) =D

    What you describe is a cool idea but you might add some pictures of how you mount the reed switches behind plastic panels. Because reed switches are made of fragile glass, they can be difficult to mount. I love the idea behind this instructable but i think if you added more descriptive text and some real pictures it would be even better.

    Chill about tight asses on this because what should have been said is, 'since this is instructables you should have instructions' not a million and one flames at you for having a simple and easy to implement idea, especially if you own an immobilizer already. just move your switch wires and replace with new components.


    11 years ago

    This must be some other sort of -able, cause its definately not an INSTRUCTable as there is no instruction. I would call this an "IDEAble" :P Neat idea though... why not build it an dthen post a how-to... sounds like a fairly interesting concept though :)

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    Should be to the forums.

    OK I get the point. I'll work up a set of instructions I figured that it would be obvious how to construct but as you point out this is instructables

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    well... that's what it's not obviousables either :P For now, I'd make this un-public and then put it back up when its finished/documented (to keep crappy posts from popping up ;) )

    Maybe someone should write an instructable on how to write instructables... ;)

    These instructables are supposed to be telling us something we didn't know, and sharing knowledge? Much as I trawl through a lot of crap & don't post much of value myself, this site is relatively intelligent and child-minimal isn't it? The poor quality posts suggest that internet presence is more important than communicating anything? (There's much worse than this instuructable) Still, something of value can be salvaged form a poor instructable by intelligent dialogue, can it not?

    I believe that's already been done. Whether or not it's still there, I'm not sure.

    shots of actual footage for this with instructions would really be good... otherwise just stfu ppl.

    lol these fools...i dont see how you could have explained it any simpler. They bite the hand that feeds them. As a fan of the art, I dont believe in security through obscurity.

    I really should have made a seperate instructable, but I felt that would stupid....or would it? Click on the picture for full size.

    hidden magnet.jpg
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    So what happens if the magnet disconnects while you're in the process of turning the key? I believe Crash2108 is correct, you could just use an ordinary magnet or if you're going for the "hidden" way you could:

    Or just wrap the magnet in electrical tape/duct tape and get creative. Perhaps make a mini animal like a rabbit. I'm off to make a paint picture.

    So couldn't you just open the door with an ordinary magnet?

    So , if i get it , this 'instructable' means : Hey , i have an idea , i don't know how to make it / i'm to lazy to make it, sombody else make it for me and give me the credits !