Simple Seed Stand

Introduction: Simple Seed Stand

So, it's that time of year again when a lot of people start wishing for warmer weather and imagine sinking their teeth into fresh fruits and vegetables.  And for the great gardener, not just any fruits or vegetables, rather ones that come from their own hard work! You have the option of buying plants already to be transplanted into your garden or you can start from scratch and plant your own seeds inside using a seed stand, which, is very useful to have when starting a garden in an area where frost may stay around until late April early May. Great, a head start on the grow season! For those of you wanting to start from scratch, you'll first have to build a seed stand.  Here is a very simple, yet extremely effective seed stand instructional to help your seeds get underway to producing delicious fruits and vegetables. 

   * approximate dimensions of finished seed stand [4.5 ft. x 2 ft. x 3 ft.]
   * the height of this seed stand is adjustable to raise and lower the light fixture
   * all materials can be found at your local hardware store 
   * where available have hardware store cut PVC piping in following lengths. Otherwise, measure out lengths and cut to appropriate length with hacksaw (10 ft length will suffice)
   * [LETTER] indicates each piece in directions

 [1][A] 55" piece of 1 1/4" PVC tubing
 [1][B] 48" Fluorescent twin-bulb shoplight fixture and correct size bulbs to fit
 [4][C] 10" pieces of 1 1/4" PVC tubing
 [2][D] 3" pieces of 1 1/4" PVC tubing
 [2][E] 6" pieces of 1 1/4" PVC tubing 
 [2][F] 24" pieces of 1" PVC tubing
 [2][H] 1 1/4" Tee PVC connectors
 [2][I] 1 1/4" 90-degree Elbow PVC connectors
 [4][J] 1 1/4" PVC end caps
 [2][K] 1/4" diameter x 3" lag bolts and nuts
 [2][L] 1/4" diameter x 4" eye hooks and nuts
 [2][M] 1" s-hooks

 Drill and 1/4" drill bit
 PVC cement
 Tape Measure

   The entire seed stand should cost no more than $50 

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Step 1: Preparation

Gather all materials in a clean open space. 

Step 2: Organization

Measure each piece of PVC piping and label each with appropriate [LETTER]

Do the same for each PVC connector 

Take the light fixture out of box and measure how far in the hanging chains are from the edge of the fixture (this will determine how far in you want to drill your holes into the PVC piping [A] for the eye hooks [L]) 

Step 3: Construction

From the left end of [A] measure 12" to the right and make a mark

From the right end of [A] measure 12" to the left and make a mark

   *this measurement may vary depending on the length of your light fixture [B]

Using a drill with a 1/4" drill bit, drill a hole at each mark all the way through each side of the PVC piping

Insert one [L] in each hole of [A] and secure tight with the matching nut

Step 4: Construction

If you hold [A] in the air each circular eye hook [L] should be facing downward

On each open end of [A] attach one [I] so the opening is now facing downward

Insert [D] into the open end of [I] on each end of [A]

The top piece of your plant stand is complete!

OPTIONAL: You can use PVC cement in each attachment for a more secure hold

Step 5: Construction

Locate [H] and insert one [C] into each of the two side openings of [H] 

Place an end cap [J] on each open end of [C]


You now have two leg stands that will support your light fixture from falling over!

Step 6: Construction

In opening of [H] insert one [E]

Repeat for other leg

Step 7: Construction

From the top end of [E] measure 1" downward and mark spot

Repeat for other leg

Step 8: Construction

Locate one [F]

Slide [F] down into the top of [E] as far down as it will go

Drill 1/4" diameter hole through marking on [E] to extend to the other side.  this will make a hole through both [E] and [F]

Repeat for other leg

Insert lag bolt [K] through hole in [E] and [F]

Do not tighten, this is to make sure the hole is large enough for bolt to slide in and out of hole when the entire stand is to be adjusted in height 

Repeat for each leg

Step 9: Construction

Take [K] out of the hole in [E] and [F]

Slide [F] out of [E]

Measure 1" increments from hole in [F] towards the short end place a mark at each increment and make 4 marks

Drill a hole through each mark

Repeat for other side

Step 10: Construction

Slide [F] back down into [E] with hole alining to the adjusted hight you prefer 

Put [K] back into holes going through [E] and [F]

Tighten [K] with nut

Step 11: Construction

Locate the top part of the seed stand (already completed)

Slide the top of each [F] into the opening of each [I]

Note: your stand will be taller than picture present

Step 12: Completion!

Hang S hooks [M] from [L] eye hooks on each side

Hang chains connected to light fixture [B] on [M]

Plug in light fixture



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