Simple Shelf



Simple Shelf

Requirements & How its made:

1) This is made-up of a Empty Tin(Aluminium Container)

2) Waste Papers & Colour Papers

3) Two nails if not using the L Angle Bracket.

Step 1: Simple Shelf

1) Make the Container into straight form [flatten] like a Sheet
2) First cover with some waste papers or news papers.
3) Finally cover with nice Colour Paper to get a Good Look!

Safety Requirements to follow:

To make flatten, we need a hammer to do that;

a) While doing flatten to avoid noise [mainly to avoid disturbance for neighbours or if living in flat. the noise level should not disturb the person who living on the lower floor) on the ground put one waste mat or rug and on the top keep the container and start the process of doing flatten.

b) Once made flatten, immediately cover the Four Corners of the Flatten sheet with cotton or with soft tissues.

c) Then the flatten tin with waste papers or with news papers for safety of the sharpness of the tin,



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