Simple Shelves / Plumbing Fittings and Reclaimed Wood

Intro: Simple Shelves / Plumbing Fittings and Reclaimed Wood

This was a quick and easy project that started with a barn find art deco buffet. The shelves above are simple plumbing fixtures and old timbers from an abandoned barn.

Step 1: Shelf Supports

Shelf supports:

each support (2 per shelf) are a combination of 1" plumbing fixtures:

Collar, pipe (12 inch long), end cap.

Collars are set into studs behind the drywall. When the stud was not where I wanted to place the shelf support, titanium drywall anchors were used. I selected this instead of the plastic anchors just because I am paranoid of plastic anchors not holding securely.

Step 2: Shelves

The shelves are reclaimed wood from an old barn near our property. The ones I like best have a fair amount of water rot on the outside edge (these were fumigated before installation to avoid hatching bugs in the spring!!). The planks are 2x12 - I am sure that the thickness is overkill for anything these planks will actually hold. However, the bulkiness and texture worked visually with the industrial pipe fittings.

Step 3:

When I come back to revisit this, I do plan to route a grove in the bottom of the planks and hide rope lighting in the shelves. You will notice that we also have painted a chalkboard behind the shelves that gives a bistro type feel. (lol - you will also notice that there is too much on the shelves - less is more, but I had to make space while I was working on other shelves and cabinets.



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    1 year ago

    They look really nice with the buffet you found!

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Thanks! We thought it was a great find. Art Deco finds are so easy to work with as you can go so many different directions:

    Industrial, post modern Sci Fi, clean and elegant...

    And if you can find one that really was made in that time, the materials are usually high quality and the craftsmanship is great.

    (this is solid wood with burl veneer, dovetail joints, brass hardware)