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Introduction: Simple Slackline

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This is how I made my portable slackline used between to trees that is very reliable. It requires minimal supplies and low cost for hours of entertainment. Make sure you tree's that are going to be strong enough. I reccomend about one foot diameter at least to about a foot and a half. The distance we used was about 15 feet apart but depending on trees this could be shorter or longer.

if you wanna order these straps

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Step 1: Supplies

I picked up all my supplies at the local hardware store for about 20-30 $ total.

You will need-

-2 tow ropes these are pretty common make sure they have the hooks on the ends.

-1rachet strap 2 inches wide 25 feet long

-Bag to carry it in

(and two trees)

Step 2: Add Tow Ropes to Trees

The most important thing is to get two trees a good distance apart that are strong enough to hold the slackline. Once you have the trees picked out start by wrapping one of the tow straps around the tree. Do this about 1 foot off the ground. That will determine the height of your slack line. Wrap it around as many times as you can and then hook the two clip together. Then Pull the rope part tight so that the hook are tight and you have an area to hook the ratchet strap onto the rope part. Then on the other tree you previously selected do the same thing wrapping the tow rope around the tree hooking the clamps and pulling tight a spot on the rope part to hook the other end of the ratchet strap.

Step 3: Connecting Ratchet Strap

There is nothing fancy needed to be down for connecting the ratchet strap. There should be instructions on the package on how to use it. The main thing you want to remember is to ratchet it down really tight. Depending on the length of your strap and distance of the trees you might have access rope that you can just put behind the tree. You want to hook the strap part with the hook on one of the tow ropes you connected before. Pull this tight to the other tree wit the rope. Feed it threw the ratchet the correct way. ( feed it threw then back threw the ratchet). Make sure The rope is flat and not twisted around. When I hook the ratchets I have them with the hook facing down. Make sure its tight and hoop on.

Discloser This can be dangerous if you fall off

Step 4: Balance

Get on a balance.

run across it

flip on it.

one foot

going backwards

raise it for difficulty

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    5 years ago

    So how does this compare to an actual slackline? I haven't been on either..