Simple Slide Soccer Game.

Introduction: Simple Slide Soccer Game.

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A simple Real-life version of the Amazing Slide Soccer App.

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Step 1: What You Need

You will need:
Six Pieces of each team and a piece representing the ball
About half of green poster board paper
 Two 7 inch by  2 1/2 pieces of black paper.
Stapler,Tape, or Glue
One piece of white construction paper.
One ruler.

Now lets get started!

Step 2: The Field

The first thing you will need to do is to make a green box for the field. If you already know how to do this, skip this step.
Put the paper vertically and then cut 2 inch slits horizontally like shown in the second picture(Black lines are how it shoud be cut.)
The next picture shows what to fold in red and what to glue/staple/tape is on blue circles. Use it as a reference.

When you are done it should look like the first picture.

Step 3: Goals and Other Pieces

Cut a four inch long hole in the middle of the width. (The picture shows about where to cut straight down at in purple.)
Now put the black piece of paper on the edges by tape/glue/staples.
Now you need to make two goalie boxes, and the center. This part is easy just use a picture of a soccer field for reference.
The ball needs to look different too! Decorate if you have extra pieces to make it look distinct.

Step 4: How to Play and Rules.

First you have to put the 6 pieces in a 1-2-3,1-4-1, or a 1-3-2 sequence with the ball in the center. ( Picture shows brown with a 1-4-1 and a 1-3-2 sequence with white.)

Choose who goes first, then the player who starts flicks the player piece with  flick or a closed then extend out pointer finger hit.
The object is to get 3 goals by flicking the ball in the goal. If a player lands in the goal it will be put in the corner to flick.

When someone scores put the players in the beggining positions and the team who didn't score goes first.
If you have a question about the rules then leave it in the comments or download the game and experience its awesomeness.

Sorry for spelling or grammar mistakes, I am writing in a rush.

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