Simple Sliding Knot Bracelet





Introduction: Simple Sliding Knot Bracelet

Hi Everyone!  Ready for something quick and easy? In this Instructable, we will make a

Simple Sliding Knot Bracelet with an Antique African Coin

This bracelet is totally adjustable and can fit just about every wrist, depending on how much cord or string you use.

Step 1: Materials Used

For this project, we used 

One Yard of Leather Cord

One Antique African Coin 


Step 2: Step One


Okay, now that you have all the goods, you want to take your yard of string or cord and fold it right in half and cut it.

Take one strand of your cut cord and fold it in half again, making a simple bend at the top ( Important: do not cut this half)

Take the bend you just made and pass it through the center of the coin, like zis--

Step 3: Step Two

Loop the dangling strands through the big loop you just created by bending it in half

Step 4: Step Three

Now pull tight! (but don't pull so hard you break your cord. I've done it too many times)

Once one side is snug and fit into place, take the second strand and do the same thing on the opposite side of the coin.

It should look something like this!

Step 5: Step Four

Great! you're lookin' good. The next step is going to be knotting the two (now four after folding them) strands of cord to each other

to create the sliding knot element of this sliding knot bracelet.

This part was tricky to explain in photographs so I just drew it out...

Basically, take both strands of one side and wrap it around the other strands of the other side at least 3 times

Step 6: Step Five

This should create a small tunnel of loops around one side of cord.

Now, take the end of the two strands of one side that is wrapped around and lead it through that tunnel

Like This:

Step 7: Step Six

Got that?

Now pull it tight, but again, don't use your lion strength, we don't want to break the cord or we'll have to start all over again.

Do it again on the other side and it will look something like this- (about 4 strands in a cute little knot)

Step 8: Finally

Now pull it gently on each side to ensure your knots are not too tight and your sliding knot bracelet can in fact slide.

If it does, congratulations it is complete!

Now go give it to someone you have a crush on cause it's

totally gender neutral and anyone who is anyone would want to wear something you made ;D


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46 Discussions

lovely BUT ...

What happened to the cord between the last two photos? Four strands became two (between the knots) and two looks much better.

I altered the design but I can finally make my healing crystal bracelets thank you <3

1 reply

That looks really pretty! How did you alter it?

I LUV ARROWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the knot is pretty clunky looking once finished, going to find a better option but thanks for the instructions anyway. I am sure it would be better with bracelet string I just have 3mm leather and it is too large for my desired results.

Fantastic instructions! Thanks a lot!!!

I'm a little late to the party but how long of a cord do we use? Like enough to wrap around your wrist twice, thrice, etc.? Thanks!

I made this, the knots slid like they should but I couldn't slide them to make it small enough to fit my fiance's small wrists :(

Try using a smaller cord. And when you make your knots, try making it so you have as little excess as possible.

thank you! the illustration was a fantastic and indispensable part of this instructable.

Hi Alisha,

My knot is stuck and cannot slide. How can I loosen or fix it?


1 reply

Hi Deadpool,

If your knot is stuck, I would totally take the whole thing out and start over giving the knot a little slack as you tie it. Try tying and untying it a few times for practice. Once you get the bends down, you will find a snugness to your knot that will work just right for you :)


Hi Deadpool,

Is the knot stuck? Or just falling into place too high on your bracelet?


Hi, I have tried this a few times now and I cant seem to get it. Where is the coin when all this is happening? can you make a youtube video and post that here?
I am a crafty guy, but I cant get it.

1 reply

Hey Jneffster,

I know when I can't quite master something, I get a small group of friends together to work on a project all at once. We then share ideas and techniques and maybe someone might be able to help you get that knot down pat. Unfortunately, we aren't equipped with a recording device just yet in the shop but hopefully soon, we will be able to make tut vids! Let me know if you still have a hard time getting this to work for you and I'll see what I can do!


Nice bracelet, but "antique african coin" ? It's dated 1989 !!!.