Simple Small Light Table




Introduction: Simple Small Light Table

When Digital camera is not so popular, light table is a good tools for examine slides and negative.

But from now, I did not really need a light table; however, I can't help to have one.

I use to design several light tables, such as using LED and using the glass taken from Deskjet printer.

Finally, for those only want to have one, u can see this instructable.


I have a samsung tablet 10.1 and a protective case.

Materials and Tools

U need to have a proper size of acrylic, the thickness is 2mm or above.

U also need a ruler and a Plastic & Acrylic Scorer Cutter (cutter for acrylic).

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Step 1:


This light table using tablet as light source, it is much better that using LED or High Power LED.

Since I have an old samsung tablet 10.1, I install two "free apps" from android market.

Tiny Flashlight

TF: light table (plugin for the Tiny flashlight)


1. Cut the acrylic slightly larger than the tablet (Plastic & Acrylic Scorer Cutter).

2. Measure and cut lines on acrylic with 1cm spacing to make grids.

3. Sand the corner of the acrylic.

4. Install the apps to tablet.

5. place the tablet into the cover, since the cover it made of silicon, it acts cushion effect and hot the acrylic sheet on the top of the tablet.

Step 2: Fail Design...

Maybe it is not the fail design, anyway, just for interest.


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    5 years ago

    Nice work, that's some amazing light table's.