Simple Smart Phone Wall Mount




Cheap and simple wall mount for smart phones, ideal for night time viewing if you bed is next to a wall or fitted wardrobe!

Step 1: Materials

2 push pins
1 smart phone
1 wall or suitable surface

Step 2: Build It

• Push the first pin into the wall at desired height (eye level if using for viewing) leave about a 2mm gap from surface (wall) to the base of pin (to increase the angle of the phone to aid stability).

• Hold you phone level against the first pin then push the second pin into the wall at a width that will support both portrait and landscape orientation if desired (I use a landscape spacing as it's more stable)

• Job done :)



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5 Discussions


2 years ago

That's a real good idea, I made it and I stuck it in my wardrobe cause that would be stronger. However what i didnt know was that the pins were old. Lets just say i now have two decent sized holes in my wardrobe filled with the metal (snapped) bit of the pin... Awkward.

1 reply

Reply 2 years ago

Oh no...
Get some pliers on them and try again. Good Luck :)


2 years ago

I dunno, this looks like it's just asking to tip over and fall! How stable is it? My concern is that any surface soft enough to let me push in a pin would also be soft enough to let it fall out. :)

2 replies

Reply 2 years ago

Ha ha, yeh it's two pins in a wall, I wouldn't try doing pull ups on them :)

I use this next to my bed its about a foot and a half off the ground over a soft carpet but just a few inches off my bed where it would land should it fall. The pins are in my wooden wardrobe and are very firm (took some effort to push them in) + I use a landscape only spread 9cm gap between the pins and my phone is a iPhone 5S (not the one in the pic) and fits in the pins really snugly. But yes if this was used on a plaster wall the pins would work loose with use. So yes it's only a little hack wouldn't recommend it as a permanent solution as phones don't come cheap. Cheers for the feedback :)


Reply 2 years ago

Aw man, I was hoping to see pull ups on the pushpins.