Simple Camera Phone Mount

Introduction: Simple Camera Phone Mount

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As am sure most of you know that taking a long exposure(Night Mode) shot, light painting, macro etc. without a tripod is a Nearly Impossible !

Or trying to take the best picture while documenting a project is distracting especially when you're in the middle and immersed in it.

This instructable is very straight forward and ranks 1 on a 1-10 difficulty scale, and the result for a simple stand is outstanding, and pictures are pretty much self explanatory so am not going to write much.

Please post weird stands used in weird setups, and Cool pictures shot using the stand you made

P.S. : The phone used here is a Nokia ! and he saw unimaginable falls during its service, that's why i was brave enough to use it on the wall mount, but....i've used a Huawei P8 MAX in a controlled test, and it worked perfect


Materials :

  • The main elements here are easy to obtain malleable substances like

Modeling clay ( used here )

Blu Tack


I've chose modeling clay because is cheaper than blutack, when considering the same amount blutack is 6 times more expensive, but it's filthier to use.

and playdough will dry out quickly, so it can only be used temporarily

  • a knife to cut the material with
  • Barbecue sticks to be used as support, or to prevent buckling ( turn this -> I to this S ... :P)
  • Wax on the phone to prevent the material from leaving traces on it, or to make it easier to clean (Meguiar's is used here )

Pictures were taken using a Huawei P8 MAX

Step 1: The Stands

Step 2: Pictures Taken With the Stands

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