Simple Solar Powered Night Light

Introduction: Simple Solar Powered Night Light

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So it's dark.  You're afraid of the dark.  You want a night light but realize all your sockets are taken up by your computers and various printers.  Don't panic!  There's a solution!

Instead of buying some battery sucking commercial night light, get a solar panel, a lightbulb (the smaller the better), a couple wires, and some hot glue.

Attach your wires accordingly to whatever connection your solar panel has and attach that to your small lightbulb.  I mounted all this on a piece of extra wood (An average Instructable-er should have one).  I didn't want the wood burning, so I hot glued the wires together onto a piece of glass and hot glued that to the board.  Congratulations!  You just saved yourself some money and now have a cool light.  Be sure that whenever you're sleeping with this, face the light away from you so you just get soft light while you sleep at night.

The best part is that it requires no battery replacing and sockets are kept free if you happen to have any.

Happy napping!

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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    OK, "be nice"...
    Well, it's great that you are interested in Solar Energy.
    I tried my best, sorry.
    Please don't spoil this forum with nonsense! It steals my time sorting this kind of entries out while I'm looking for REAL Night Light for People who really need it because they live in poor coutries where power from the grid and thus power sockets are out of reach for large areas.

    You must be a Troll posting this.
    There are instructables for connecting Panels directly with Bulbs (rather LEDs). But the only time when this makes sense is daytime and in places where you cannot use light conductors like "One liter of light" because of firm housing. But that would involve some meters of cable and not that silly board on which you certainly don't even see the bulb illuminating when putting the whole thing into sunlight. And it's not a night light unless the cable reaches to some time zones away.

    Two constructive ideas about this:
    - develop ideas on how to generally use glass as in insulating material (e.g. when soldering solar cell to make a panel)
    - delete this page and thus improve the mean quality of all instructables


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Don't you need moonar cell at night?

    Around here the sun wont help much during night (altenatively you can store energy during the day and use it at night, but that requires a little more than a few wires and a lamp)

    (but yeah, i really only posted this to get the "moonar cell" joke out of my system)