Simple Spiral Rug




Introduction: Simple Spiral Rug


today we will be making simple spiral rug.

You can make it in different sizes, colors and materials. What's important you don't need special tools! Only thing you need is some free time and power for doing.

So, let's do it :)

Step 1: Things You Need


I used Zpagetti Hooked yarn. It's made from recycled T-shirts, what makes it strong, quite thick and easy to wash. This yarn is available in different colors. I chose orange, light and dark brown.

Of course, you can use what you want - old jeans, materials, ropes ... But remember one thing - avoid yarn in small diameter, because it will be really hard to knit it. The bigger size yarn will be much more better.


Check if your scissors can cut the yarn you choose.

> measure tape, ruler or something like that

You don't need it, but it will be quite useful in first step.

Choose your favorite yarn, find scissors and tape and move to the next step

Step 2: Let's Start

Cut 3 pieces of yarn.

It should have around 1m to 2m. Don't make them too long, because it will be hard to work with. When you make some progress, you'll find the perfect length working for you.

Next step is to make the start knot on the end of 3 pieces of yarn. I use different colors to make it more visible for you. Remember: don't tie the knot hard - make it quite loose, because in future steps you have to loose it.


I don't show you how to make braids. You should be familiar with this technique - when you do it right and when you do mistakes - because we will make it a little bit harder. But don't worry this is explained in this instruction.

The rug will be made of ONE SPIRAL BRAID.

The main idea of this rug is to use braid weave, which it connected to itself with no additional threads or other things. I don't know if you understand my idea, but don't worry and let's start making.

First step:

You need to make a braid around 10-12 cm long.

Then you should make a circle with this braid connecting start and end of it. There should be a little hole in the center (don't worry now).

And this will be the most important thing about knitting this rug.

Move the one inside (the dark one) piece of yarn through the first loop (outside) from down to up (it's important). Now you have full circle and connect start with ending.

Than make a two braid loops (move all three pieces two times)

Repeat: move inside (next to circle one - now orange) piece of yarn through next loop in circle. And make two full braid loops.

And repeat, repeat and repeat making the spiral and getting the rug bigger and bigger. Don't worry if you make the one and half or one loop of braid - it's not important - the main idea it now to catch all the loops of rug - to make it strong and with no gaps and in circular shape. Remember - all the loops have to be quite loose, because it will be hard for you to move the yarn through them.

With length of yarn around 1,5m you should make 8 to 10cm diameter rug.

Step 3: Removing the Knot and Connecting Yarn

Now you should remember:

the side of rug with no start knot is your MAIN, VISIBLE side

the side of rug with start knot is the side where you will hide all the visible yarn connections.

So let's remove the knot.

First you should turn the rug into the NOT VISIBLE side and loose the knot.

Than you should move all the three pieces through the braid loops, to make it look natural and nice on the VISIBLE SIDE.


First you should connect two yarns together with SQUARE KNOT (instructions on pictures). Cut one piece of yarn and connect the second one and third again together.

For adding more yarn (when the piece of yarn ends) also use the square knot - it's really strong and almost impossible to loose when thighten hard. Remember to cut the rest of yarn with scissors.

It will be easier for you if you make the pieces of yarn in different lengths - it will be easier to hide the knots on the invisible side of rug :)

Step 4: Additional Techniques

The most important thing is to make the core: connecting all the loops. But as you can see it quite hard and time consuming - there also no visible pattern.

To make the work easier and faster you can make the braids little bit longer ans skip 1-2-3-4-5 or how many you wish loops. The braid pattern and connections are move visible making it look nice. The pattern will have some holes, how big they are it depends how many loops do you skip.

Step 5: Finishing the Rug

Finishing the rug is similar to removing the knot - you should make it invisible on the VISIBLE SIDE of the rug. First connect the 2 pieces of yarn than add the third. Cut the rest of yarn and enjoy your beautiful handmade rug :)

Good job! :)


This is my first instructable and english is not my first language. I was thinking about making the video about the process - write in comment if it will be better for you or maybe I could make more pictures and add more detailed description.

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