Simple Stand for Camera

Introduction: Simple Stand for Camera

About: My name is Alex and I like to do it all with my own hands. I'm fond of arduino and I like to invent different constructions on it.

For a good video and photo, you need a stable and reliable stand. In this lesson I want to show how to make a simple and affordable stand for filming

Step 1: Materials:

- Sheet chipboard

- Metal corners

- Screws

- Camera mounts

- And tools

Step 2: Production of Parts

To begin with, I cut out two sheets of an isosceles triangle (equal sides of which are 13.5 cm) and cut out a small triangle on one of the vertices (side dimensions of 1.5 cm). After that, I cut out a rectangle(12x16 cm)

Step 3: Production of Parts

Then I cut a corner into two parts and drilled holes in them, as in the photo. Also need to make a hole in the previously cut rectangle

Step 4: Installation

We collect everything as shown in the photo

Step 5: Mounting Under the Camera

On the bolt fixing the camera you need to wear a few washers. Then insert into the hole and from the other side put the pad on the camera

Step 6: Shelf Mounting

We need to twist our design to the shelf

Step 7: End

It's all. Have a good video and photo

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