Simple Stick Welder Caddy

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I have a small stick welder, wanted to get it little more easier to use, store and carry.

This caddy was my solution.

Video shows the process.

Cuts are made with angle grinder using 125mm, 1mm thick cut off wheel.

Grinding/sanding with 40 grit flap disc.

Caddy is weld with mma using 2mm ok 67.70 ( E309MoL-17 )

Rod holder is stainless steel, weld with tig, using same method that i used in my stainless spotlight.

For drilling i used drill press.

Rods are bent with my manual bar bender.

Flat bars with my sheet metal brake.


10mm steel rod.

3mm x 30mm flat bar.

3mm x 30mm x 30mm L-profile.

8mm steel rod.

Magnet, piece of nylon. Two M6 screws.

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Step 1: Cable Holders..

Cable holders are made from 3mm flat bar.

I started with drilling 8mm holes for plug welds, then i cut the pieces out with angle grinder, and shaped the edges round.

Made two 90 degree angles to the 8mm bar, then i cut out, two 30 x 30 L- shaped hooks, and four 30mm long pieces from it.

Placed the rods to the holes, and filled the hole with plug weld.

Grind the surface smooth and made little bends for the ends.

These four hooks are for the ground- and rod holder cables, and will be attached to the sides.

L-shaped hooks are for power cord, and goes to the back end of the caddy.

Step 2: Frame...

Frame is very simple.

Its made from two U-shaped hooks, material is 10mm steel rod. Bend is made with my diy rod bender.

Two pieces of 3mm x 30mm x 30mm L-profile. And three 3mm flat bars, two of them i drilled 8mm holes for plug welds. Placed holes to the middle of the parts.

I weld those two earlier made L-shaped hooks with plug welds, smoothened welds like earlier.

These hooks are for holding power cord.

Step 3: Frame Continued..

I clamped that one unhooked flat bar to first L-profile, and tack weld them to 90 degree angle.

Then i tacked one hooked flat bar to the other end of the L-profile, and tacked second L-profile to the flat bars to get box shape.

Made sure that corners are right angled, and made full welds to all four bottom seams.

Then i connected the "box" to the first U-shaped part. Used clamps to adjust the widht and tacked parts together.

Made same to the other end.

Assembled handle, hooks and accessory holder with tack welds.

And then, after checking that parts are in right angle, shape is untwisted, and everything is on the right place.

I weld parts together.

Used 2mm ok 67.70 rod and 40A current.

Step 4: Finishing..

After removing splatters and coarse spots with angle grinder and flap disc, i cleaned the frame with xylene and painted it black & white with spray paint.

Made a holder for the power plug from surplus nylon. Here, power plug is very simple, it has just two 4.4mm rods.

Made holes for the plug, and for assembling to caddy, M6 thread to the middle of it.

Magnet has M6 thread in the middle of it. Its for holding the welding hammer.

Hammer is made from surplus 10mm rod and 8mm flat bar.

Rod casing is made from stainless pipe, outer diameter is 50mm, wall thickess 1mm.

Cap is made from stainless pipe with 50mm inner diameter, well thickess 1mm.

Ends are made from 1mm stainless sheet, hooks from 2mm stainless sheet.

Weld together with tig, using same method that i used in my stainless spotlight.

I store welding rods on top of our central heater, keeping the cap open. This keeps them dry.

Casing is easy to use and quick to take with you. I made three similar ones, to keep different rods separated.

Thanks for checking this out.


Step 5:

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    1 year ago

    Cool instructable and nice welding skills! Mitä vannesahalle kuuluu? :D


    1 year ago

    Now this is how God intended stick welders to be! Now I just need something like this for my portable pressure washer.

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