Simple Sugru Pen Holder

Introduction: Simple Sugru Pen Holder

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In this Instructable, i will show you how to make a pen type stylus holder for your vehical...whether it be an airplane, RV, car, or Semi-Rig. This Instructable is HORRIBLY short as it doesnt require much moulding or anything. This is my second Sugru project.

Step 1: Preparation and Execution

You will need:

1) 1 mini-pack of Sugru in the color of your windscreen collumn.
2) something to wash the surface your bonding to.
3) a little time

Open the packet of Sugru, and then mush it around a little to activate it. then roll it into a ball. Then find a place to "mount" your stylus pen. wash and dry the area and then position the stylus, and sugru in a fasion that you can deal with. in a small section of the stylus, put a little soapy water around the stylus to keep it from sticking to the sugru. mould the sugru around the stylus pen and wait a nice and easy like, twist the stylus and pull it free of the sugru. Now let it set overnight.

Step 2: Finished!!

Now your sugru stylus holder is complete!! Enjoy

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