Simple Superman Clock

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This is a simple Superman clock I made one morning for my son who loves Superman.

To Make this- you will need: 
1. A clock Bezel - Available at Craft and hobby shops - or an old wall-clock where I found mine.
2. Needle nose pliers - For removing/placing hands on the clock.
3. A Piece of 1/4 inch wood (I used some scrap plywood I had on hand)
4. A Jig Saw.
5. A Straight edge
6. A pencil
7. Some Sandpaper
8. A Drill with 3/8 inch bit.
9. 1 Can Spray Paint- Satin Varnish
10. A Nail - to hang it on the wall.

1. The first step is to draw the outside of the "S" Shield. It is simply 3 corners of a square, so if you keep that in mind it will be easy to draw.

2. Cut out the Shield.

3. Draw the "S" shape on the inside. - Typically in newer designs of the "S" the outside edge is used as part of the "S" so I went with that model. (In all honesty the design has changed so much that any "S" in the Shield patter will be recognizable so do your best and have fun with it!- Or use a different letter to personalize it!)

4. With the pattern in place - drill 3 holes  in the sections you want to cut out.

5. Carefully cut the interior pieces out (As a word of advice - when using thin wood - slower is often better and helps with small changes in angle as seen here.)

6. Once complete - sand with some sandpaper until the rough edges are off of it and the surface is kind of dull.

7. Prop the piece up on something you don't mind getting paint on - in a Well-Ventilated Area!- and plaint with the  Spray-paint Satin-Varnish. (Other colors will work just as well but I wanted a rustic wood look to mine)

8. Once dry, drill a 3/8 inch hole in the center.

9. Mount the bezel through the hole.

10. Put the nail or other hanging implement in the wall.

11. Set the clock - hang it- Enjoy!

12. See my  mistakes? I do too, but the idea of this is something I made- I reused something I didn't want or need, and the mistakes make it unique - as well as help me learn something for the next time I do something like this. --- Don't Sweat the Mistakes- Have Fun!-



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