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In this Instructable you will learn how to make simple sushi rolls at home. They are easy to prepare and are a small fraction of the price you'd pay while buying them at a store or restaurant. The rolls I made for the Instructable are very simple vegetarian avocado rolls. My son and I both really like the simplicity of these - but you can always add other ingredients that you prefer.

Step 1: Ingredients for Sushi Rolls at Home


  • Japanese sushi-style rice (sold at most grocery stores) -1 cup
  • Sushi-nori seaweed (I bought it from an Asian grocer for less than $2)
  • Avacado (and any other fillings you prefer)
  • A Sushi-Rolling Mat - usually bamboo (if you don't have one, you can improvise - some people use a thick towel or fabric napkin)
  • Sweet Soy Glaze (Optional: This stuff is delicious - and really kicks the flavor up a notch)


I generally make one cup of rice when I make these rolls. With one cup, I can easily make at least two large rolls (probably more) and when sliced, it ends up being about 8-10 pieces per roll. So if you don't feel like having excess rice or making that many rolls, feel free to decrease the amount of rice you make.

Step 2: Preparing the Rice & Using the Mat

The first thing to do is make your rice. I use a rice-cooker so it's very simple to throw it in and let it go for about 20 minutes and it's done. I pour in one cup of rice with 1 3/4 cups of water. Once done, I let it cool slightly. While the rice is either cooking or cooling, you can prepare the avocado by slicing it in half, removing the seed and cutting medium-sized chunks to use as a filling.

Please note, I didn't learn this until recently - but there is a special way to prepare the sushi rice. I have never noticed a major difference between my rolls and the ones from the store. The Instructable is teaching a really fast and simple method. If you want to prepare the rice for the rolls in the more traditional way, here is a great recipe for sushi rice. You basically add a couple ingredients - vinegar and some sugar to the rice. I personally don't care for the idea of adding much sugar to my rice, and I taste no difference, so I like to make it nice and plain.

Next, lay out the bamboo mat and then put the piece of seaweed on the mat, with the shiny side facing down. Although some people like to wait until the rice is fully cooled, I like spreading it when it's still warm. If the rice is cooled and you're spreading it with your fingers - you should get your fingers wet to prevent sticking (but don't touch the seaweed with them). I personally use a sturdy plastic spoon which came with my rice cooker to spread the warm rice. The spoon is very wide and flat. You could look it up in google to see an image if you are interested. You could probably also use a spatula or wooden spoon to create the same affect. So, you'll want to spread the rice out evenly, leaving about a half an inch to an inch without rice at the top of the seaweed sheet.

Step 3: Rolling the Sushi Up

Next, lay out your other ingredients (avocado, cucumbers, etc.) in the middle of the nori on the mat. Try not to make it too thick (mine were a bit too thick in the photos here). Then, I like to add a little of the soy glaze to the inside of my rolls - then there's no need to dip into anything. I just pour two strips of it on over the middle ingredients.

Then, I personally move the nori and everything on it towards the bottom of the mat. Then, I do one large roll with the mat and gently, but firmly tighten my hands around the mat with the nori and everything inside. Once I do that, I am left with my roll, but there are still a few inches in excess which need to be rolled. I then take the mat off and lay it back down again. Then, I take the nori roll that is not yet done and pull it back down to the bottom of the mat and use the mat to complete the roll from there. You should firmly but carefully shape the roll with the mat around it so it's nice and firm.

Once done, you will have a nice long roll completed and ready for you to slice. Take out a sharp knife and slice the roll into pieces. Clean the knife in between slicing because it can get sticky with rice or filling and then it will stick. Once done - serve as it is or with some dipping sauce, soy glaze, soy sauce or wasabi. Enjoy!



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    the rice and vinegar is so that the rice is easier to work with. easy instructions, wish i had read this before i got into rolling my own instead of learning the hardway.

    2 tips i would include is wetting finger tips and making the dry seaweed semi damp to prevent tears and along the extra space of seaweed u close the roll with, take the time to add single pieces of rice along the edge to act as glue to seal roll.

    like i said, overall killer instructable for those starting out.

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    small rice if not overcooked is not sticking together since they r harder than longer sort of rice; so sugar and vinegar r to make rice grains stick. It's not a mush like on pic and it's too mushy even for risotto. If you get tear then u put to much rice. and everything else.


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    The pictures I took are overexposed and too bright. The rice I made was not pure mush or anything like risotto. The rice was fine even though a bit sticky - in spreading with the rice spoon. :)


    4 years ago on Introduction

    It looks soooo great!

    I have to get into this since I've been watching Freelee The Banana Girl on youtube. Vegan Sushi for me!! :¬P

    Hey, I just found a YT video on how to make a DIY sushi rolling mat! I know they aren't expensive to buy, but, this is Instructables after all!! Hahaha! :¬D

    Got gaffer tape and bamboo skewers??

    1 reply

    4 years ago on Step 3

    Thanks for sharing! I've got a sushi mat and I love veggie sushi, just have never got around to making it myself. Will have to try your method soon. It looks great!