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Introduction: Simple TV Powered LED Glow Bar

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This is a simple little project I gave myself when I suffered a day of boredom.

Because I'm powering these LEDs from my TV, they come on when I turn the TV on, and they go off when the TV turns off.

I put this together the "Lazy mans way" so this is by no means a tidy project. But the LED's are mounted under my TV shelf, so I see the glow; not the mess!

What You'll Need:

- TV with an unused USB Port. (Check this is active and outputs 5v.)

- 3mm or 5mm LEDs of your chosen colour (As many as you desire) I used 18 5mm blue LEDs

- 2 lengths of wire at your desired length which will be the length of your led glow bar. ( I used red and black for positive and negative colour coding)

- Male USB connector (I stole this from a spare usb charge cable leaving a good length of wire for reaching the usb port of my TV)

- 1/4 Resistors (I used 100 ohms to give 15mA per LED) You can use this website to help you out with resistors required for your desired LED Current.

- Soldering Iron and Solder

- Heat shrink or electrical tape to prevent short circuit.

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Step 1: Step 1

Take your USB connector and solder your chosen length of negative wire to the negative wire of your USB connector. ( Plug in the USB cable to a power supply to check which wires are +v and -v with a multimeter) Repeat this for the positive wire. Then slip some heat shrink over the exposed connections and shrink it.

Step 2: Step 2

Step 2: This is a little time consuming ( I ended up getting messy with this part and could have done it much better If I was patient enough). We will wire the LEDs in parallel, so we need to create equally spaced gaps in our wire by removing some insulation on each wire ensuring one side is lined up with the other.

Step 3: Step 3

We can now proceed to solder the positive leg of our LEDs to each intersection of our positive wire.

Then Solder your resistors to the Negative lead of each LED, and then solder the leg of the resistor to each intersection of the negative wire. Step 5: You're done. Plug them in to the USB port of your TV, and hopefully they light!

Find a suitable mounting method and enjoy!

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