Simple Table Signs!

Introduction: Simple Table Signs!

My cousin needed table signs for her wedding, so I decided to make some at Techshop.

This was a simple design and of course you can go crazy with how fancy you like it.

Step 1: Breaking Up the Drawing in Layers

There's only 3 pieces to this easy sign. Two for the base and one for the sign.

I drew this in Corel Draw. I love how easy it is to turn off and on the layers for printing.

I made "first off" layers for the pieces so I can test the first piece in the laser cutter with my parameters.

Next was " the rest " layer for cutting the outlines

I also made an etch layer for the sign name and border. At first I rastered the border and that was a big mistake because it doesn't etch up to down. So I changed it to a low power vector and saved me a significant amount of time.

Step 2: Laser Cut!

Now that the files are ready and broken into the layers, I just cut the files in steps

1st: Cut first outline

2nd: Cut the rest outline

3rd: low power vector for the border and raster the sign image

Step 3: Wood Glue!

Wood glue and put a flower on it….

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